Health and Medical

Community Internal Medicine provides adult/geriatric general care, in-house tests, immunizations and procedures to treat various ailments and diseases.


Board Certified Physician

Dr. Samuel Wu is board certified and maintain highest standards of patient care. He served the Gilroy local community for over 10 years.


Exceptional Care

Dr. Samuel Wu’s philosophy of treating the patient like one would treat family has helped us become a recognized name in the local medical community


Insurance Partners

Dr. Wu’s practice partners with majority of private/government insurances to insure that you can get access to the best health care affordable.

Reliable Services From Board Certified Physicians

  • Primary Care for All Aged 15 and Above
  • Preventive Care & Adult Immunization
  • Sports, DMV, & Pre-employment Physicals
  • Annual Physical Examination
  • Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention & Care
  • Carotid Plaque Detection

  • Stress Tolerance Test
  • In-House EKG & Cardiodynamic Monitoring
  • 24-House Holter Monitoring
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Pulmonary Function Test
  • Pain Management – Trigger Point Injection

  • Joint Injection for Arthritis Treatment – Standard Steroid Injection and Supartz ®Injection
  • Diabetes Awareness and Disease Management
  • Weight Loss Management
  • Minor Skin Treatment
  • Inpatient Care – Saint Louise Regional Hospital, Gilroy
  • Active Privilege for Nursing Home Patients in Morgan Hill and Gilroy

About Us

Community Internal Medicine is a primary, geriatric, and preventive care, healthcare facility based out of Gilroy, California. Founded/Headed/Led by Dr. Samuel Wu, we are one of the most respected primary care facilities in the area. Dr. Wu and his philosophy of patient care have helped us provide exceptional care, treatment, and rehabilitation to our patients for various ailments, diseases, and conditions.

Dr. Wu has a friendly and highly qualified medical staff team, with state of the art medical equipment and lab machinery to ensure that patients’ crucial needs are met in-house. He believes that good health is only possible with healthy eating, regular exercise, and awareness and prevention of diseases a person may contract.

Dr. Samuel Wu’s practice has a focus on the diagnosis and treatment of primary care for adults, neurological diseases, cardiac disease, and sports injury rehab and recovery. He also has a special interest in diabetes awareness and education. It is because of his vision that Community Internal Medicine is now a respected name in South County and beyond.

Insurance Partners

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What patients say About Community Internal Medicine

See what our patients have to say about Dr. Samuel Wu and Community Internal Medicine.

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    I feel I can talk to him about any of the medical concerns that my parents have. He listens to us patiently, and is always available when we need help.

  • 1

    If anybody is looking for a great doctor, Dr. Wu is who you should see. He is very courteous and takes care of all your needs.

  • 2

    He is a truly honest and passionate physician. Dr. Wu makes me feel very comfortable to come to see him.

  • 3

    I think he is the best doctor here in Gilroy and takes wellness with a holistic approach.